Round Face Shape

Round Face Shape
Medium and small brimmed hats and bucket shapes that are asymmetrical (swoop up on one side) balance the roundness. Avoid berets and baseball caps.

Medium or small brims, neat styles, worn forward or on a sexy slant will lessen the roundness. If the brim cuts at a slight angle across the forehead or close to one eye only, it will slim the face. In general, avoid straight brims that cut the face in two; these make the cheeks look rounder. Go for upturned brims that draw attention to the eyes and lift the face, giving the illusion of height, not width.

High crowns, particularly square-shaped or off center styles also enhance a more rounded face shape. Choose hats with decorative details, such as a scarf, flower, or other accent that sits to one side, drawing the eye off center.

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