Fragrance Free Lotions

Gardening can be tough on our hands; cracked skin on fingers which bleed, contact with foliage of plants that cause minor sensitivity, plus little furrows and ridges where “dirt” can’t be removed without scrubbing (drying our skin even further) are inconveniences at least, but can become painful over time. Our family and friends highly recommend both types of lotions and creams.

Gloves in a Bottle® works by creating a thin barrier that actually helps stop dirt and grime from embedding itself into your skin.

Working Hands®, Working Feet®, and Life Out There® work a bit different, actually penetrating onto the skin to hydrate and soften, and although they are fine for 24 hour use, Dianna especially recommends these for nighttime use.

Terrific for those who must wash their hands frequently, have sensitive skin, diabetes, or are dismayed with the vast number of everyday products that contain strong scents.

These lotions help hands, elbows, arms, legs, feet, and the face retain moisture without irritating fragrance allergens, plus they are dermatologist approved and affordable.

A great gift idea for both men and women.

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