2 oz. Travel Size

Gloves in a Bottle® - 2 oz. Travel Size
Gloves in a Bottle® - 2 oz. Travel Size
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Gloves in a Bottle® works by creating a thin barrier that actually helps stop dirt and grime from embedding itself into your skin. Gardening is tough on our hands; cracked skin on fingers which bleed, contact with foliage of plants that cause minor sensitivity, plus little furrows and ridges where “dirt” can’t be removed without scrubbing (drying our skin even further) are inconveniences at least, but can become painful over time.

Dianna has trialed this product and is amazed at the difference it makes. She likes thin flexible gloves, but when gloves become saturated with dirt or mud, hands still need to be vigorously washed. A simple coating makes a world of difference all seasons of the year. During the winter and spring flower and garden shows, dry air in convention centers wicks away moisture to keep patrons comfortable wearing coats, but her hands crack and bleed from frequent hand washing and the use of hand sanitizer. This product has avoided that painful occurrence; one application lasts about 4 hours, so when you no longer notice water “beading up” while washing your hands, then its time to re-apply.

Keep a travel size in purse, car or backpack for away from home use and the larger bottle handy before you go out the door.

Terrific for health care workers who must wash their hands frequently, Produce and restaurant workers, beauticians, gardeners that dislike wearing heavy gloves, painters, crafters, auto mechanics, outdoor workers in winter, water and snow enthusiasts, delivery drivers or anyone whose hands are subject to dirt and grime and outside elements, this product helps hands, arms, legs and face retain moisture.

Need it right away? 2 oz. “Travel” ($5.75) plus shipping of $5. (Postage is based on packages of less than one pound total weight of product plus box. Additional postage (at cost) is charged for heavier packages of multiple bottles.)

Save $5.00 - Add lotion to your bulb and/or plant delivery, because if we can ship everything in one box, you save the $5 postage charge.

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