Fancy Church Hats

 Fancy Church Hats
Our dressy hats, suitable for church, teas, weddings or for a classy upscale look with casual attire such as designer jeans and boots with a flashy top.

Abbee’s finely styled dressier hats are mostly made with a natural fiber base for good looks, natural breathe-ability and personal fit. Our fabrics include Abaca (Simaway), fine wheat straw, clothing grade natural tree fiber, raffia, cotton and cotton blends.

A few hats are constructed of polypropylene blends, which needs to be "see-through" for ventilation and so doesn't allow for as much good sun protection on your face or scalp, but they are fine for short trips outdoors in full sun if you are sun-sensitive.

Ladies with light colored or thinning hair need just as much protection "topside" as men do against sunburn and risk of melanoma, so should choose their hat with care.

Everyone needs sunshine to produce adequate amounts of Vitamin D for good health, especially if you live in a northern climate but there is no need to subject constantly expose our faces and scalp to overexposure; we can absorb all we need from hands, arms, legs and bare feet over summer without risking early wrinkles or increasing our chance of skin cancer. Natural straw breathes much better than man-made plastics, blocks the sun more efficiently, plus it can be “steamed” into more elegant styles.

Paper braid hats are even a better way to wick away moisture, but tend to be much heavier and thus are best for more physical outdoor activities (see our garden and resort styles).

Dress hats should be light as a feather, so as not to crush your hairstyle, classy to blend with many styles of clothing and durable enough to pass on to daughters and granddaughters.

Nearly all of the fancier ladies' hats shown are "one-only", so when that single hat is sold, no more are available.

Women's Coral Sunshine Hat (21.75-inch crown) - SOLDWomen's Snappy Gold & Cream Hat (22-inch crown) SOLDWomen's Casual Gold Abaca Hat (22.25-inch crown)
Women's Classic Fine Straw/Taupe Scarf Hat (22.75-inch crown) SOLDDiamond Black & White Hat (21.75 Crown Size)
Women's Sheer Lavender Wide Brim Hat SOLD
Women's Feminine Straw Derby Hat  (22-inch crown) SOLDWomen's Jaunty Mauve Abaca  Hat  (21-inch crown)Women's Silver Fine Straw Hat  (21-inch crown) SOLD
Women's Petite Red Hat (22.5-inch crown) SOLDWomen's Fancy Floral Grey Hat (22-inch crown) SOLDWomen's Black Asymmetrical Abaca Hat ,- SOLD
Women's Stacked Navy Crown Hat  (22.5-inch crown) SOLDWomen's Classic Patterned Wheat Hat  (22-inch crown)SOLD
Women's Small Brim Abaca Hat (22-inch crown) SOLD
Women's Fine Straw Navy Hat (21.5-inch crown)
Women's Key Lime Mint Bucket Hat (21-inch crown)
Women's Coral Wonder Hat (21.5-inch crown) SOLD
Women's Casual Fine Straw Hat/Peach (21.5-inch crown)
Women's Lavender & White Patterned Hat (22.25-inch crown)
Women's Purple/Black Plaid Hat (22.25-inch crown)
Women's Fine Straw Pink Bucket Hat (22.25-inch crown) - SOLDWomen's Large Straw/Fabric Sunhat (21.75-inch crown) SOLDWomen's Spectacular Orange-red Abaca Hat (22.5-inch crown)
Women's Perfectly Pink Fine Straw  Hat (21-inch crown)
Women's Rafia & Abaca Navy Hat (22-inch crown) - SOLDWomen's Fine Straw Cream & Black Hat (21.5-inch crown) - SOLD
Women's Tropical Mist Fine Straw  Hat (22-inch crown) - SOLDWomen's English Pink & Lavender Hat (21.5-inch crown)
Women's Wide Brim Patterned Straw Hat (21-inch crown) SOLD
Women's Mad Hatter Asymmetrical Hat (22-inch crown)  SOLDWomen's Flattering Sage Bucket Hat (22.5-inch crown)
Women's Lemon Modified Cloche  Hat (22 to 23-inch crown) - SOLD
Women's Two-tone Blue Classic Hat (22-inch crown)
Women's Fine Straw Grey Hat (22-inch crown) - SOLDWomen's Black & White Charmer Hat (21.75-inch crown)
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