Choosing the Perfect Hat for you.

Face Shapes
Rule #1 Look at lots of different hat styles to determine your preferences, if in a store or one of our show booths, try on several. Ask yourself: Am I interested in sun protection? Casual elegance? A combination of several different factors? Do I need a church, wedding or other special occasion hat to go with a specific outfit, or am I open to buying the hat that flatters my features first, then go on a clothing excursion?

Rule #2 Choose main hat color to match your complexion, then choose accent colors to match your wardrobe. (Hats can be accessorized with a pin, scarf, beads or other items to update or add the finishing touch to an outfit; wearing hats is the easiest way to dress up or down.)

Rule #3 For balance, the crown width should not be narrower than your cheekbones. Wear glasses? Try upturned or asymmetrical brims. Tall? Lucky you! Most styles can be worn to look terrific, but in general, wider brims are the most flattering.

Rule #4 Look to what makes your eyes sparkle - your complexion will appear to clear, slight imperfections will be less noticeable and you’ll smile more!

Not sure what shape your face is? Simply pull back your hair, look in the mirror and "draw" an outline of your face on the mirror with soap, lipstick or a dry-erase marker. Then look at the general shape and go to the individual links below. If you click on the poster to the right, you can print out a comparison of face shapes.

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