B&D Lilies

Our hats and jewelry items had their start with the company Bob and Dianna Gibson founded in 1978, B&D Lilies. Born out of the love of the highly fragrant garden lilies, our first catalog was a mimeographed (remember those?) letter size page passed out at the Jefferson County Fair in Port Townsend, WA the summer of 1978. The bulbs flourished, the business grew and before long, flower and garden shows were added to our selling venues in 1975.

In 2004, Dianna began selling garden hats at the shows, which mushroomed into more than just a few hats, soon Ladies' Dressy hats, resort and backpacking hats were sold; daughter, Anne Marie, began creating the fancy hat pins on this site, fragrance-free lotions were added, plus local handcrafted jewelry.

B&D Lilies is the leading source for fragrant lilies, if you would like to go our bulb and plant site now, simply click the link below. Be sure to Bookmark or Add to Favorites this site too, for information on what shows are upcoming, plus on-line ordering.

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